893.00/11–1446: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

1875. Summary Minister Information Peng Hsueh Pei regular weekly press conference follows:

National Assembly definitely open Friday morning with Generalissimo speaking. Denied would be any further postponements. Thirteen hundred delegates registered but no Third Party members to date, only handful registered since postponement. Said Government would convene Assembly and adopt constitution answered, would like point out Govt still earnestly hoping Communists and other parties will submit lists and take part even during session.

Admitted Committee of Three made no progress at informal meeting because Chou En-lai awaiting instruction from Yenan. Said Govt had ceased fire but Communists not yet issued same order their forces. Denied Govt forces ringing Yenan as charged by Communists.

Said Government not received any formal notice Communist delegation returning to Yenan.