Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Colonel J. Hart Caughey to General Marshall

Dr. Stuart just telephoned to pass on the following information:

It is fairly definite that, because of the three day postponement, the Youth Party will come into the National Assembly. The group of the Democratic League headed by Dr. Carsun Chang and the group headed by Mr. Huang Yen Pei probably will come in, the idea being that they will sign as individuals rather than representing the Democratic League.

The Communists still maintain that the convocation of the National Assembly is unconstitutional notwithstanding the fact that the Generalissimo has offered three days’ grace.

The most important development is the fact that the Steering Committee of the PCC is to meet informally this afternoon with the Generalissimo’s approval. All parties are to attend and are to discuss the Constitution. Doctor Stuart stressed the fact that the Generalissimo has agreed to the discussion of the Constitution by the Steering Committee of the PCC, thus indicating willingness to approach the problem in accordance with the PCC resolutions.

Dr. Stuart’s own guess is that the Communists will not make a definite break nor will they actively participate, the idea being that their theme is to keep the situation in a state of suspense.

Dr. Stuart added that if General Chou goes to Yenan, Tung Pi Wu13 will be left behind to represent the Communist Party, thus indicating Communist “availability” for discussions and at the same time preventing military aggression on the part of the Government.14

J. H[art] C[aughey]
  1. Member of the Chinese Communist Party delegation.
  2. Notation at bottom of memorandum: “Gen Chou requested, and was granted, an appointment at 6:00 p.m. today”.