Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Minutes of Meeting Between General Marshall and General Yu Ta-wei89 at No. 5 Ning Hai Road, Nanking, November 9, 1946, 11 a.m.

Also present: Colonel Caughey

General Yu Ta Wei presented to General Marshall a memorandum (enclosed)90 addressed to him from General Chen Cheng which stated the desire that the Communists participate immediately in a meeting of the Committee of Three.

General Marshall asked General Yu Ta Wei what the Generalissimo’s intention regarding cease fire measures was; in other words, how does the Generalissimo intend that the measures be developed. General Yu Ta Wei replied that it would first probably be necessary that the Communists issue a cease fire order and that then the Committee of Three should sit down at conferences in order to develop the various provisions, if any, that would be necessary to establish any troop redispositions or readjustments. General Yu continued by stating that a separation of troops in some way was possibly the most important thing to be done.

General Marshall pointed out that separating the troops would immediately involve the Committee of Three in certain arrangements which would have to be worked out very carefully in order that there be a common understanding by all concerned.

During the meeting a copy of the memorandum was delivered to General Chou En Lai. The meeting terminated with the understanding that future action must await General Chou’s reaction to the Generalissimo’s memorandum.

  1. Chinese Minister of Communications.
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