Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Minutes of Meeting Between General Marshall and Dr. Stuart at No. 5 Ning Hoi Road, Nanking, November 8, 1946, 6 p.m.

Also present: General Pee
Col. Caughey

Doctor Stuart explained that General Pee had brought to him the statement which the Generalissimo proposed to issue this evening. General Pee showed the statement to General Marshall and pointed out the parts where it had been changed over that submitted to the Generalissimo by General Marshall and Doctor Stuart. (The statement as shown to General Marshall was subsequently issued on the evening of 8 November80).

General Marshall told General Pee that he appreciated the Generalissimo’s letting Doctor Stuart and himself see this statement prior to its publication but that he had no comment to make regarding it, as he was opposed to the Government’s attitude.

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