Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Memorandum by Colonel Marshall S. Carter 64 to the Deputy Chief of Staff (Handy)

This morning, 7 November 1946, I called on President Truman to deliver 171665 from General Marshall, and to pass orally to the President some additional information received from General Marshall.
The President asked that you convey to General Marshall the following remarks from him, which are quoted as nearly verbatim as I can remember them:

The President stated that he was continually and deeply grateful for General Marshall’s patience and perseverance in China. He wanted General Marshall to be told, as he has so often told him before, that the President has the most complete and unwavering confidence in General Marshall’s activities. He wanted General Marshall to know that he relied entirely and only on General Marshall’s judgment in the China problem and that he would continue to do so, “At least as long as I am President”.

The last quoted phrase above is a direct quote, word for word, of the President’s remarks. Will you please pass these comments to General Marshall at the request of the President, when you see him in Nanking?
Marshall S. Carter

Colonel, General Staff Corps
  1. General Marshall’s representative at Washington.
  2. November 4, p. 470.