893.6363/7–1946: Airgram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China ( Stuart )

A–151. Reference Embassy’s telegram 1303 of August 13. Presume substance Deptel 484 of July 19 conveyed Dr. Wong Wen-Hao in capacity Vice President Executive Yuan and not as President of Chinese Petroleum Corporation. Department would appreciate copy of memo left with Dr. Wong Wen-Hao.

In order to avoid whipsawing of American and British established interests, Department suggests Embassy and Consulate General, Shanghai, take occasion to apprise any representatives of American oil companies contemplating business with Chinese of government-company negotiations and pertinent developments petroleum situation. Every effort should be made to avoid permitting Chinese to play one group against the other.

[Page 1386]

British Petroleum Attaché, Washington, has been informed of general context your remarks to Chinese Government (Dr. Wong Wen-Hao) and has been asked to convey to Anglo-Iranian representatives, if such go to China, the background of Chinese petroleum situation. This he has agreed to do.