The Secretary of State to the Embassy in China

No. 489

The Secretary of State refers to the Embassy’s despatch no. 1066, January 23, 1946 on the subject “Occupation of American Mission Property by Chinese Troops”, in which the Embassy asked whether the claim of the Bethesda Hospital at Siangyang, Hupeh, for loss sustained as a result of occupation by the Chinese Army, and other similar claims by American missions, should be presented to the Chinese Government.

There is transmitted herewith a copy of a memorandum of the Department of December 20, 1945 entitled, “Suggestions for Preparing Claims for Loss of or Damage to Property—Real or Personal.”3 Upon being supplied with satisfactory evidence prepared in essential compliance with the suggestions contained in that memorandum, the Embassy may informally take up such claims with the appropriate Chinese authorities. The Embassy is instructed to report to the Department in due course whether the Chinese authorities show disposition to effect settlement of claims that may be lodged with them.

  1. Not printed.