The Secretary of State to the Embassy in China

689. Emb authorized to agree proposed procedure (Embtel 619) Apr 3 and 693 Apr 17) and to press for early establishment Liquidation Commissions.24 Dept assumes reference to “higher level” in item 5 Emtel 619 does not contemplate settlement by Executive Yuan alone under Art 8 of Organic Eegulations (Emtel 2247 Dec 3025) but would include American Govt participation.

Dept not clear meaning phrase “prior to enemy taking over” in item 4 Emtel 619. Kulangsu International Settlement Municipal Council consisted January 1941 of 1 American, 1 British, 1 Nether-land, 2 Japanese nationals (total 5).

  1. The three Americans subsequently designated as advisers of the liquidation commissions at Peiping, Shanghai, and Amoy were Consul General Myrl S. Myers, Dr. George Sellett, and Edwin W. Koeppe.
  2. Not printed.