The Secretary of State to the Embassy in China

198. ConGen Shanghai being required include in leases on space in Development Bldg. and Hamilton House clauses requiring payment taxes by Govt. Shanghai’s 643 repeated Chungking as 356 Apr 15. See Deptel 486 Mar 18. Dept advised by Nanking’s 88, Apr 96 FonOff assured Emb no taxes would be levied against Emb leases Nanking. Shanghai’s 158 Feb 56 repeated Chungking as 67 advised exemption from municipal tax on ConGen premises Cathay Hotel obtained Jan 1 through Emb efforts. Please take up with FonOff and endeavor obtain similar exemption from taxes on ConGen premises in Development Bldg and Hamilton House, Shanghai.

Repeated to Shanghai as Deptel 915.

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