The Acting Secretary of State to the Consul General at Shanghai (Josselyn)8

53. Please obtain sample form of “Certificate of Other Rights” referred to in Article 2 of proclamation of Shanghai Municipal Govt (Enc 19 to Urdes 3, Nov 22 to Dept) and forward copies and English translation, together with your comments regarding rights conferred under terms of such (repeated to Chungking) certificates and their status under applicable Chinese laws, to Dept and Emb.

Dept feels that prior to study of terms of certificate it would be inadvisable for American holders of perpetual leases or consular title deeds to take steps to effect re-registration. You may so inform American title holders who approach you for advice. Should the [Page 1314] Shanghai Municipal Govt press American title holders for early re-registration of properties you may inform Mayor matter is under consideration by Dept and Embassy and request that period for re-registration be extended.

R. T. Bryan, Jr.,10 who has been appointed Special Assistant to Emb, expects to pass through Shanghai en route Chungking in latter part of January and will discuss this and other pending questions of legal character with you.

  1. Repeated to the Embassy at Chungking as No. 76.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Formerly Municipal Advocate of the Shanghai International Settlement.