The Consul General at Shanghai (Josselyn) to the Chargé in China (Robertson)5

No. 5

Sir: With reference to my despatch of November 22, 1945, relative to the Provisional Procedure promulgated by the Shanghai Municipal Government governing re-registration of land held under perpetual leases and consular title deeds, I have the honor to transmit herewith a copy of the Chinese text, as published in the Ta Kung Pao, a local Chinese-language daily, November 14, 1945, together with translation,6 of a proclamation issued by the Shanghai Municipal Government promulgating the Land Registration Detailed Enforcement Rules in thirty-five articles.

Under Article 18 of the Detailed Enforcement Rules Chinese citizens holding land under perpetual leases or consular title deeds in the name of foreign merchants may apply for registration of ownership, while Article 28 provides that American and other alien holders of [Page 1312] perpetual leases or consular title deeds shall, in conjunction with the owners, apply for registration of leases in accordance with the Provisional Regulations Governing Lease and Use of Land and Buildings by Foreign Missionary Societies in the Interior and the provisions of Article 31 of the Law for the Enforcement of Land Law.

The registration fees set forth in Article 33 are double those provided for in the Land Law. The deed or certificate fees are enormously increased as the Land Law provides that the maximum fee for a deed or certificate is CNC$10.00.

Respectfully yours,

Paul R. Josselyn
  1. Copy transmitted to the Department by the Consul General in his despatch No. 33, December 7, 1945; received December 17, 1945.
  2. Not printed.