893.5034 Registration/1–1346: Telegram

The Chargé in China ( Robertson ) to the Secretary of State

94. The Foreign Minister has informally advised Chargé that in response to our strong representations made to Dr. Sun Fo, President of Legislative Yuan; Dr. Wong Wen-Hao, Minister of Economic Affairs; Dr. Wang Chung-hui, Secretary General of Supreme National Defense Council, as well as to FonOff it has been agreed that the objectionable phrasing in articles 7 and 292 of revised company law defining a foreign company as one which “has been established, registered and has transacted business in the country of its origin” will be eliminated at next meeting of Supreme National Defense Council which is expected to take place on January 14. This information is not to be transmitted to American business interests until Embassy has been officially notified that action has been taken. Request Commerce be informed.