893.50/11–2546: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

1959. Joint China–United States mission report just submitted lays special stress upon economic problems of agriculture affecting welfare of rural population and that early action be taken upon land reform, tenancy and related problems.

Communist Party has long alleged inaction on part of Government on such problems while claiming to have accomplished significant reforms in its areas. However, little evidence is available to show the extent and value to population affected of any such reforms.

Department can have better basis for its policy in aiding China toward stability if it has at hand actual information based upon surveys by competent American observers in recently released Communist territory. Such surveys would be of most value if begun in near future.

Moyer and Dawson have discussed this with Embassy and Dean Hutchison agrees that idea is worthy of action. Department may wish to take this up with Dr. Moyer and Dean Hutchison upon receipt of this message.

If suitable candidates can be found in consultation with Agriculture, Embassy asks that Department arrange for the detail of one or two specialists to Embassy for say one year’s duration to make such a survey and report their findings to Department.39

  1. Telegram No. 61, January 15, 1947, 4 p.m., to the Embassy in China stated: “Substance Embtel’s 1959 Nov 25 has been discussed exhaustively with Agriculture and members of joint mission. Project meets with general approval but lack of funds Agriculture and State prevent implementation.” (893.50/11–2546)