893.61/1–1646: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in China

239. Dept and Agriculture now able for first time to reply in detail to Chinese request (Embtel 119, January 16, and Dawson’s unnumbered memorandum of January 517 transmitting copy of Foreign Ministry note of October 26, 1945.18 Reference also Embtel 191, January 30 and Embtel 203 February 219). Subject to renewed approval of the project by General Marshall in the light of Dept’s 195, January 31, and subject to agreement of Embassy and Chinese Government to points below which diverge somewhat from Chinese note, Dept and Agriculture prepared to proceed immediately.

Agriculture makes following points in reply to Chinese note: Mission of eight experts is to operate as a unit under a chief who is to utilize specialized knowledge of members of mission in consulting with Minister of Agriculture on China’s agricultural program and in recommending overall programs in which the two governments might collaborate.

Reference directly to numbered paragraphs of Chinese proposal.

Agreed, but time required recruit highly-qualified personnel may not permit mission leaving States before end April or soon thereafter.
Agreed, with Mission in China approximately 6 months.
Agreed on experts for tung oil, silk, carpet wool, tea, soybean processing. Negotiating with Department Interior to attach fisheries expert to Mission. Secretary will be supplied with Mission.
Commodity experts are part of Mission and will assist in development of recommendations for continued technical collaboration foreseen in paragraph 5. In view possibility continued collaboration, [Page 1275] effort being made to recruit specialists who would remain in China.
Mission in association with Chinese officials will report recommendations which would be basis for possible development of Memorandum of Understanding between two governments providing for continued technical collaboration.
Because of recruitment time limit suggest Chinese government designate representative in United States as consultant on selection of Mission members.
Training program will be formulated by Mission in consultation with Chinese authorities for subsequent negotiation between two governments.

Where above conflicts with previous correspondence present provisions supersede earlier ones. If General Marshall approves proceeding with negotiations, request cable reaction of Chinese Government to proposed details this tel so Agriculture can proceed with recruitment.20 Names and qualifications of members of mission will be reported for information of Embassy and Chinese Government as soon as determined.

Repeated to Shanghai as 187.

  1. Not printed.
  2. See telegram No. 119, January 16, p. 1268.
  3. Telegram No. 203 not printed.
  4. In a note of February 14 to the Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs (Wang), the Embassy set forth the above views of the Department of Agriculture and requested views on the various provisions (Nanking Embassy files, Lot F79, 861 Agricultural Mission).