102.78/1–3046: Telegram

The Counselor of Embassy in China ( Smyth ) to the Secretary of State

191. Concerning outline Agriculture Collaboration Mission to China, Embassy has no further comments and agrees with views expressed in Deptel 1359, August 29.6 This matter has been discussed with General Marshall,7 who has no objection. (Views regarding type of specialists considered most useful were express[ed] in [Dawson’s] memos of September 138 and October 309 to which no replies have been received.) Addition of specialist on extension and cotton and soybean processing are acceptable to Ministry of Agriculture. (Sent Dept as 191, repeated Shanghai as 62, January 30, 1 p.m.)

Dawson has again discussed adequacy of arrangements with Minister of Agriculture [and Forestry.]10 Vice Minister Chien11 in Chungking, and they have confirmed that suitable quarters will be provided in Nanking and several other points members of Mission may wish to visit. In their opinion it seems better that Mission not arrive until about April 1 which will allow more time for full preparation of facilities and for travel conditions to improve. Collaborators and staff will be provided as agreed. It is suggested, however, that work of Mission will be greatly facilitated if one American secretary comes with Mission and Embassy so recommends, as competent stenographic help is difficult to procure locally.

Ministry would like to know names of candidates for this Mission and their qualifications in order to better plan appointment of collaborators and assistants.

Regarding Agriculture’s request for availability of commissary and medical services of American Armed Forces, Embassy believes that will depend on conditions at time of arrival. These can probably be available to extent that they are to members of State Dept.

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