867.51/12–1246: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Turkey (Wilson)

top secret

804. For Ambassador from Henderson: My letter and memo Nov 762 represent in very broad terms what we would like to accomplish whereas Deptel 78463 referring specifically to additional Eximbank loan illustrates practical difficulties confronting us particularly in dealing with independent agencies. (Embtel 1249 Dec 1064) We still hope that Eximbank will alter attitude re additional loan. In any event we are continuing to explore possibilities for effective economic aid. Your suggestions will be welcomed.65 [Henderson.]

  1. See footnote 12, p. 894.
  2. See footnote 55, p. 921.
  3. Not printed; it asked for clarification, as in the letter of December 7, supra.
  4. In telegram 1256, December 16, 1 p.m., from Ankara, the Ambassador said he hoped the information sent “will be helpful to Department in considering question of economic aid to Turkey”. (867.51/12–1646)