867.24/5–446: Telegram

The Ambassador in Turkey (Wilson) to the Secretary of State


510. Prime Minister lunched alone with me today and we discussed Lend-Lease settlement.

He said he found our proposal fair and reasonable; he wanted to settle quickly and have Turkey first country to make settlement with US. He did not intend to haggle over price, but if I had authority to lower figure he would be grateful. However, he did not want me to refer matter back to Washington as he desired avoid anything which might give impression to our Govt that Turkey failed appreciate generous spirit animating us in making this proposal. I told him that as settlement was for cash not credit, I would set round figure of $4,500,000. He accepted. He said he will try to have bill authorizing settlement this figure approved by National Assembly in week or 10 days when we can sign agreement.35

I think there may be some questions raised regarding phraseology certain clauses our draft after Turk Treasury experts study it, but main thing is that Prime Minister has now accepted figure mentioned above.

  1. See Department of State press release of May 8, 1946, on the agreement with Turkey for final settlement of Lend-Lease, signed at Ankara, May 7, Department of State Bulletin, May 19, 1946, p. 868. For text of agreement, see 60 Stat, (pt. 2) 1809. Bills to approve the settlement and to authorize payment of 6,000,000 Turkish pounds on account of the Turkish contribution to UNRRA were passed by the National Assembly on May 8; the agreement went into effect May 25 and was published the same day in the Turkish Official Gazette.