867.24/1–2846: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Turkey (Wilson)


92. Confidential from McCabe21 and Cramer22 for Ambassador and Moore23. This is your authority to advise Turks all Lend Lease stores originally intended for Turkey now held in Middle East stockpile or Basra can be forwarded to Turkey provided they will arrange and pay for transportation from present sites. Any obligation to U. S. arising out of these items will be settled in overall negotiations on same basis as items that have arrived in Turkey prior to 1944, and be sure Turks understand this policy.

Sent to Ankara as 92, repeated to Cairo as 159, repeated to London as 933. [McCabe and Cramer.]

  1. Thomas B. McCabe, Foreign Liquidation Commissioner and Special Assistant to the Secretary of State.
  2. Ambrose C. Cramer, Office of the Foreign Liquidation Commissioner, Department of State.
  3. C. Robert Moore, Acting Special Representative, Foreign Economic Administration, at Ankara.