761.67/5–746: Telegram

The Ambassador in Turkey ( Wilson ) to the Secretary of State


516. Secretary General Foreign Office who represented Turkey at recent liquidation meeting League of Nations, says that while USSR was not present at Geneva its shadow darkened atmosphere throughout meeting. Heads all delegations, except, of course, Soviet satellites, expressed views to him to effect their countries eager cooperate restoration normal peace time activities but hamstrung by Soviet policies and attitudes. They all asked Erkin what Turkey would do [Page 824] if attacked by USSR.42 He replied Turkey would fight. Some delegates expressed scepticism, pointing out Turkey was small country with small army, and could not hope resist. Erkin replied that if Turkey doomed disappear as result Soviet aggression chances for rebirth independent Turkey much greater if she resists and goes down honorably rather than disappear as result attempting appeasement and becoming Soviet satellite.

Erkin said he felt his conversations at Geneva helpful in making clear Turkey’s position to representatives other countries.

Sent Dept, repeated Moscow as 55.

  1. In telegram 1053, April 5, 6 p.m., from Moscow (vol. vi, p. 732), Ambassador Walter Bedell Smith reported a conversation with Generalissimo Stalin who disclaimed any intention to attack Turkey.