761.67/3–2046: Telegram

The Ambassador in Turkey (Wilson) to the Secretary of State


348. Press has played up Britanova despatch from Washington to effect US has given assurances to Iran and Turkey that US will stand by their side against foreign aggression violating principles UNO; that State Department officials insist US will not give any nation blank check which could be used to provoke Russia; that US attitude was communicated Turkey several weeks ago in series interviews between Washington and Ankara officials; Iran informed of US policy by US Ambassador Tehran; and that US foreign policy entirely based on obligations UNO and avoids special assurances going beyond those limits.

Erkin has just phoned me to say correspondents are pressing Foreign Office hard on Turkish angle and he must say something. He asked if I knew anything about this report. I said nothing but that I had noted in recent press conference Secretary said he could make no statement on subject of giving Iran assurances. I suggested there was lots of confusion in press just now and least said better. Erkin said he always had in mind what Acting Secretary stated to Turkish Ambassador end December as well as Secretary’s great speech February 28, and he wanted to be careful not to say anything which could be interpreted as either confirmation or denial. He would therefore simply say that as this report originated in US inquiries had better be addressed there.

As consequence Department will probably be asked questions.