867.00/3–146: Telegram

The Ambassador in Turkey (Wilson) to the Secretary of State


255. Acting Foreign Minister Sümer tells me following regarding talk with Soviet Ambassador February 25: Vinogradov referred to Turkish section Bevin’s February 21 address House Commons, remarking, “I suppose this is result of Hasan Saka’s activities in London”. Sümer replied, “Not at all, it is straightforward statement of Turkish situation and Turk-British relations”. Ambassador said speech seemed to line up UK and Turkey against USSR. Sümer pointed out Bevin expressed hope treaty of friendship would be renewed between USSR and Turkey and this would contribute to confidence between three countries.

Vinogradov said if Turkey wanted treaty of alliance with USSR Molotov last June stated conditions for such treaty. Sümer stated Turkey never requested treaty of alliance, does not want such treaty, but does want friendly and confident relations with USSR and to that end would be glad have new treaty friendship on lines that of 1925. Vinogradov then made interesting statement: He spoke of Molotov’s request for eastern provinces, said Armenia needed these, and if Turkey would grant request, “Turkey can be more than compensated elsewhere.” Sümer replied, “Turkey will neither cede territories nor annex territories” (Vinogradov did not specify just what territories he was offering Turkey).

Ambassador then said USSR had only two questions to settle with Turkey, one was eastern provinces and other was Straits. Sümer said Turkey’s position had been made sufficiently clear as regards territorial question and that as regards Straits procedure had been [Page 818] adopted at Potsdam which US and UK had followed by presenting their views regarding Montreux Convention to Turkey and he asked why USSR doesn’t do same thing. Vinogradov again referred to Molotov’s requests last June. At end of talk Vinogradov said he would like further conversation with Sümer but could not go to Turkish Foreign Office and had to look to chance meeting like present one (a diplomatic luncheon). Sümer said he lived nearly opposite Soviet Embassy and door his house would always be open. Vinogradov replied, “I shall accept your invitation to call on you to discuss these matters further”. “That,” remarked Sümer to me, “is way Soviets always twist everything.”

Sent Dept as 255, repeated London as 49 and Moscow as 27.