761.67/1–3146: Telegram

The Ambassador in Turkey (Wilson) to the Secretary of State


142. Deptel 96, Jan 29, giving paraphrase of London’s 779, Jan 22 to Dept.28 See my 8, Jan 3, reporting similar conversation with Erkin. I have said to Saka that general questions involved in Turko-Soviet relations extend beyond Turk territory into sphere of world peace and security in which US Govt has deepest interest. I have also told Saka that in my judgment Turkey was following sound course in remaining calm and firm and in being careful to prevent any incident or manifestation which might see in nature of provocation of USSR.

Sent Dept 142, repeated London 34.

  1. Neither printed; the Ambassador was asked to confirm whether he had said to Saka “that the US Govt is vitally interested in the ‘dispute’ between Turkey and Russia and considers Turkey’s attitude entirely right”. (761.67/1–2246)