761.67/1–946: Telegram

The Ambassador in Turkey ( Wilson ) to the Secretary of State


42. Speaking to me yesterday of Turk-Soviet relations, Prime Minister18 said he believed Soviet Govt has been misled by its agents in Turkey. He thinks latter reported Turkey ripe for softening up and that external pressure by press and radio from Moscow, drumming up Armenian and Georgian claims, etc., plus pressure from Yitlin [within] through setting up new Communist newspapers and spreading Communist propaganda, would result in disintegrating regime and preparing way for “friendly” Govt. What surprises him is that Soviets who ought to know Turkey better should have made such mistake. Result of their activities has been that Turks have become completely united against Soviet demands.

[Page 807]

He said that Soviet tactics against Turkey having been thrown off balance by reaction here, USSR is uncertain for moment just what to try next. Saraçoğlu believes they will bide time until after UNO meeting before seriously opening up against Turkey. What is certain, however, he said, is that they will not abandon their aims regarding Turkey but will only postpone action until they judge favorable opportunity presents itself.

Saraçoğlu said there was no question that events in Iran and particularly failure efforts to reach satisfactory settlement Iranian problem at Moscow had caused deep concern and pessimism in Turkey as to outlook for international cooperation in behalf of principles United Nations.

Sent Dept, repeated Moscow as 6 and London as 13.

  1. Sükrü Saraçoğlu.