890D.05/5–1446: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister to Syria and Lebanon (Wadsworth)


185. Brit Govt has informed Dept67 it is unfavorable at present to joint Franco-British-American representations to Syrian Govt re [Page 787] Mixed Courts in belief such representations would likely produce an “uncooperative reaction”. At same time Brit Govt states it would welcome any support which Dept might be prepared to accord proposal it has already placed before Syrian Govt for appointment of neutral judges.

It is suggested that you inform Syrian Govt and your Brit colleague that although this Govt does not feel it can properly request amendment of Syrian law to enable appointment other foreign judges to replace French judges in Syrian courts, it would nevertheless welcome independent action by Syrian Govt in that sense as a temporary measure. With regard to more permanent arrangements, Dept is inclined to adhere to position outlined in its note of November 9 [10], 1945 to Brit Embassy, and would be glad to know if you concur.

Dept would appreciate being informed of status of any pending American cases.

Please keep Dept currently informed re Syrian and Lebanese thinking or contemplated action re Mixed Courts problem.

  1. In memorandum of April 29, not printed. The Department replied in a memorandum on June 19, which summarized this telegram (No. 185) as well as the reply from Beirut, infra.