890D.01/1–1146: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Lebanon (Mattison)


18. You may inform PriMin that as indicated in last paragraph Dept’s 503 Jan 16 to London (repeated Beirut as Dept’s 95 [15] our position is that each member of UNO should be free to decide for itself whether it should present to UNO now or later any complaint which it may have. Naturally we hope that UNO will not be compelled at this organizational juncture to face a problem of this kind. We have adhered to position that we should not endeavor directly or indirectly to influence Lebanon’s decision, and we have consequently abstained from “assurances” quoted in press reports, referred to in Legtel 27 Jan 11.

You may reiterate to PriMin Dept’s assurances of this Govt’s firmly continued adherence to its policy regarding the full and unconditional independence of Lebanon.

Sent Beirut. Repeated to Paris and London (for Wadsworth).