The Department of State to the British Embassy


The Department of State acknowledges the receipt of the aide-mémoire dated June 28, 1946 (reference 188/ /46)21 referring to the Department’s memorandum of June 14, 194622 concerning the Saudi Arabian Government’s request for a British military mission to assist in the training of the Saudi Arabian army. On the basis of the information imparted in the aide-mémoire, the Department perceives no objection to the British Government’s acceding to the request of the Saudi Arabian Government.

  1. Not printed; it stated that the British Government, in reply to a request by the Saudi Arabian Government for a military mission, contemplated a mission of 45 persons, including 3 British and 16 Indian officers, to assist in forming a general staff, to give arms training, and to supervise an officers’ school. The cost of the mission was to be borne by the British Government which would also pay for the minimum military equipment required. (890F.20/6–2846)
  2. Not printed; it raised various questions about the nature of the mission, in reply to a British Embassy memorandum of June 7, not printed (890F.20/6–746).