868.00/1–2246: Telegram

The Ambassador in Greece ( MacVeagh ) to the Secretary of State


108. For Grady Mission. Regent22 signed decree January 19 providing for elections March 31 for revisionary parliament to be convoked May 13. Prime Minister23 has also been actively consulting party leaders with view to early final decision whether elections to be held by majority or proportional system. Accordingly British Embassy feels (and I concur) that three power approach mentioned urtel 49, January 15 might be limited to expression welcoming these steps and stressing importance of early decision election system and of utmost efficiency and despatch in administrative arrangements to meet timetable.

Law on revision electoral lists which also signed January 19 causing British observers some anxiety latter connection. Law provides for extension registration period some districts till January 30 following which during 20-day period lists will be thoroughly checked by local committees with participation representatives Liberal, Populist, Communist Parties. During a further unspecified period voters [Page 100] eliminated from lists by revisionary process may appeal. This process can scarcely be completed before March 1 allowing just the required legal lapse of 30 days between final establishment of lists and elections and possibly precluding completion of printing of final lists in time.

  1. Damaskinos, Archbishop of Athens and Primate of Greece.
  2. Themistocles Sophoulis.