881.00/4–1246: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Caffery ) to the Secretary of State


1745. Embassy has received note dated April 8 from FonOff 6 inquiring re intentions of American Government with respect to convocation of Conference of Powers Signatories of Act of Algeciras as contemplated by Final Act of Tangier Conference of 1945.

Note observes that faithful to spirit of declaration signed by it at time, French Government does not consider it possible to convoke such conference without participation of Spain. Note adds that on other hand, French Government “does not consider Spanish political situation permits envisaging, within the time foreseen by the Final Act, namely, before April 11 next, the calling of a conference at which Spain might be represented inasmuch as there is excluded in advance any idea of the participation of delegates of General Franco in such a conference.

[Page 575]

“In case American Government shares the views of the French Government on the necessity of postponing to a future date the opening of the projected conference, the Ministry will not fail to consult it again on the subject as soon as the development of the Spanish political situation may permit.”

Please instruct concerning reply to be made to note.

Sent to Washington as 1745, repeated to London as 250, to Madrid as 91, to Moscow as 118, to Tangier as 7.

  1. Not printed.