741.83/12–1646: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Egypt (Tuck)14

2016. Inquiries received by Dept re press accounts attributing to Makram Ebeid15 statement that US Govt had sent note to Sidki advising him to reach agreement with British. In reply Dept spokesman said Dec 16 that last May we had in fact expressed to both [Page 78] Egyptian and Brit Govts our hope that treaty negotiations might terminate in such manner as to give satisfactory guarantees to Egypt of full sovereignty without at same time running risk of undermining security of Middle East. Spokesman added we still hope satisfactory settlement can be reached along these lines.

Sent Cairo rptd London.

  1. Mr. Tuck became Ambassador in Egypt on September 19, 1946.
  2. Formerly a member of the Egyptian delegation negotiating with the British for revision of the Anglo-Egyptian treaty of 1936.