881.00/8–1246: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Consul at Rabat (Pasquet)


20. Your A–40 Aug 12.14 Can you confirm your report that although door to future collaboration with communists not closed leaders Moroccan Nationalist Party refused align themselves with Moroccan communists. If so do you attribute refusal to belief on part of Nationalists that satisfactory reforms will be forthcoming from French without necessity joining forces with communists. Your despatch [Page 60]40 Jan 2914a indicated Moroccan Nationalist leaders hoped communists would take up problem Morocco and that meetings had occurred between the two groups. Is there any indication Residency contemplates giving Moroccans same right public assembly as communists?

Sent Rabat as 20, repeated Tangier as 280, Paris as 4504.15

  1. Not printed.
  2. Not printed.
  3. In reply, telegram 4393, September 2, 1946, from Paris stated: “The absence of any agreement as yet between Moroccan Nationalists and Communists would seem to be confirmed by fact that Communist Humanité has completely ignored press conference held in Paris August 30 by newly arrived delegates of Istiqlal Party.…” (881.00/9–246) The pertinent portion of telegram 25, September 2, 1946, from Rabat reads: “Refusal [of Nationalists] to align themselves so far not due to belief in immediate reforms but for fear of losing their identity if merger effected with Communists, however, some reforms are anticipated. No indications at present Right Public Assembly to be granted Nationalists.” (881.00/9–246)