891.00/1–2946: Telegram

The Ambassador in Iran ( Murray ) to the Secretary of State


132. Embtel 81, Jan 17.63 In as much Goodwin instructed by Associated Press remain Tehran further 10 days to fortnight and authorization has not been issued for his travel Tabriz and return, Embassy will appreciate being informed whether Dept may not desire to take up matter with Moscow authorities for purpose of having truth re conditions in Azerbaijan made available to American public.

Daniel of New York Times was refused permission to visit Azerbaijan some weeks ago and now Goodwin, in addition to which Minor, responsible Dept official, was similarly refused. Our continued acquiescence toward local Soviet practice of refusing Americans permission to visit Azerbaijan on legitimate business may well lend encouragement to further restrictive acts against Americans that area. In any event, Soviet Embassy statement that present time “inopportune” (Embtel 53, Jan 12) for travel Goodwin in Azerbaijan constitutes inadequate reason for refusal and I feel we would be justified in insisting on issuance travel pass or reason for nonissuance acceptable to US.

Embassy has in mind, in this connection, successful efforts of Dept to obtain entry of American correspondents into countries eastern Europe under Soviet influence.

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