891.00/1–2446: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Iran ( Murray )

us urgent

74. I have given careful consideration to the recommendations contained in your 116, Jan 24,60 and other telegrams concerning a public statement of the Am Govt’s interest in the Iranian situation. I am inclined to believe that it would not be appropriate for this Govt to make a public statement of the kind suggested relating to a matter which has been formally placed before UNO. Our ability to contribute to a proper settlement of the difficulty will be greatly strengthened if we refrain from taking any action which might imply that we have already formed a fixed opinion with regard to the merits of the case.

If the new Govt in Tehran agrees to enter into direct negotiation with Russians on the matter, its hand will be greatly strengthened by the fact that its case is pending before UNO. I insisted in London that Iran should have a full hearing. My statement in this regard has been carried in the press and should have become well known to all interested persons in Iran.

  1. Not printed; it expressed the Ambassador’s hope that the Department would reconsider its decision not to issue the proposed press statement on Azerbaijan and that “we should at least make it clear informally to Azerbaijan ‘government’ what American Government’s attitude would be toward any drastic move.” (891.00/1–2446)