Memorandum by the Senior Adviser to the United States Delegation at the United Nations ( Stevenson )

USSC 46/30

In talking with Secretary Byrnes just before he left today about the political issues, he expressed the following views:

When a state files a complaint alleging a “situation or dispute” we must assume that it is filed in good faith and that the complainant is entitled to a hearing and discussion of his complaint in the Security Council.

Applying this principle to the Iranian case, it should be our policy to support the right of Iran to present its case to the Security Council. If the presentation is “reasonable” we should actively support and speak for an investigation.

This policy is, however, not intended to preclude a recommendation that bilateral negotiations between Russia and Iran be attempted first should the parties be disposed to proceed in that manner and should there be evidence of any reasonable likelihood of success. In short, if full attempts have not been made for the parties to get together and resolve the question, it would seem proper for them to do so before commencing an investigation. In the event of any such bilateral negotiations the Security Council should be kept closely informed of all the developments.

A. E. Stevenson