The Head of the Iranian Delegation at the United Nations ( Taqizadeh ) to the Acting Secretary General of the United Nations ( Jebb )38

Owing to interference of the Soviet Union, through the medium of its officials and armed forces, in the internal affairs of Iran, a situation has arisen which may lead to international friction.

In accordance with Article 33 of the Charter of the United Nations, the Iranian Government has repeatedly tried to negotiate with the Government of the Soviet Union, but has met with no success.
Accordingly, the Iranian delegation to the General Assembly of the United Nations, on behalf of the Iranian Government, has the honour to request you, in accordance with the terms of Article 35, paragraph 1 of the Charter, to bring the matter to the attention of the Security Council so that the Council may investigate the situation and recommend appropriate terms of settlement.
The Iranian delegation is prepared to assist the Security Council by furnishing a full statement of the facts which have given rise to the present situation, together with a copy of the relevant Treaty which binds the parties concerned.
S. H. Taqizadeh
  1. Reprinted from United Nations, Official Records of the Security Council, First Year, First Series, Supplement No. 1 (hereafter referred to as SC, 1st yr., 1st ser., supp. No. 1), p. 16. Ambassador Taqizadeh had addressed the General Assembly, during its discussion of the Report of the Preparatory Commission on January 15, 1946, in connection with “the very disturbing situation prevailing in Iran”; for text of the address, see United Nations, Official Records of the General Assembly, First Session, First Part, Plenary Meetings, p. 119.