891.00/1–446: Telegram

The Ambassador in Iran ( Murray ) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

17. Embtel 13, January 3.19 British Ambassador Bullard under instructions from London succeeded in persuading PriMin to send urgent instructions to Ambassador Taqizadeh in London to withdraw from UNO agenda previous request for discussion of Iranian question. Iran Govt had instructed Taqizadeh previously to place on agenda questions of (1) withdrawal of foreign troops and (2) “interference in internal Iranian affairs”.

When I asked him if he thought chances for eventual formation of Three Power Commission suggested in Moscow talks were good (this being reason for urging Iranians to drop UNO proposal) he replied [Page 295] gloomily that he feared not. He admitted that Iranians might be left by his Government’s action without hopes of either three power commission or investigation and settlement by General Assembly of UNO. Bullard said urgency of matter had prevented his consulting me in advance but that he assumed British FonOff was taking up matter with Dept. I informed him that I had no instructions from Dept and that I certainly had no intention of approaching Iran Govt along same lines as he had. I told him further that I consider his action ill-advised especially since he himself felt chances of creation of commission were slight and that his action had now left Iranians with no recourse in sight. Bullard countered by suggesting that Iranians might be able to raise question with Security Council at later date after that body is formed and functioning. Difficulty here, of course, is that by time Security Council is formed Iranian crisis may be settled in totally unsatisfactory manner.

I have been handicapped in this matter by total lack of instructions from Dept and I do not intend to mention matter to Iranians until I have some indication of Dept’s wishes.20 I can not, however, see any objection to Iranians raising issue in UNO meeting in London next week unless chances of setting up of Tripartite Commission are more favorable than I have been led to believe.

I would appreciate receiving from London urgent report of actions of Iranians and attitude of FonOff on whole question of placing Iranian problem on General Assembly agenda.

To Dept as 17 repeated Moscow 8 London 5.

  1. Not printed; Mr. Murray reported that the British Ambassador had discouraged the Iranians from presenting their case to the United Nations, that the British had not consulted with him before taking this line, and that he found it difficult to reconcile this point of view with the United Nations Charter (891.00/1–346).
  2. In telegram 25, January 6, 1946, 10 a.m., Mr. Murray stated: “I welcome and am in complete agreement with point of view set forth in Deptel 4 Jan 2 which was received here subsequent to transmission Embtel 17 Jan 4.” (891.00/1–646)