Article 75

Redraft Article 75 to read:

“There shall be a Treaty Executive Council composed of representatives of the U.S.A., France, the U.K. and U.S.S.R. and of three of the other Allied and Associated Powers elected by the Conference of Paris. The Council shall determine its own procedure. The Council shall represent the Allied and Associated Powers in dealing with the Italian Government in all matters concerning the interpretation and execution of the present Treaty other than those matters which are otherwise provided for under the Treaty.
“The Council shall give the Italian Government such guidance, technical advice and clarification as may be necessary to ensure rapid and efficient compliance with the spirit and terms of the present Treaty.
“The Italian Government undertakes to afford the Council all necessary information and any assistance it may require in the fulfilment of the tasks devolving on it under the present Treaty”.

Note.—The Australian delegation reserves the right to introduce a proposal making the Treaty Executive Council the continuing executive of the Peace Conference of Paris with jurisdiction in all matters arising out of the Treaties including those relating Articles concerning Italian Colonies.

(Article 17), Administration of Trieste; (Article 16), Conciliation; (Article 72), Revision of Treaties, Reparations (Article 64).