C.P.(Gen.) Doc. 1.B.10.

Article 64 a

Insert the following new article after Article 64:

“There shall be a Reparation and Restitution Commission composed of representatives of the U.S.A., France, U.K., and U.S.S.R., and of three of the other Allied and Associated Powers elected by the Conference of Paris;
“The Commission shall supervise the execution of the provisions of the present Treaty with respect to reparation and restitution and shall be the agent of the Allied and Associated Powers signatories to the present treaty in all further dealings with the Italian Government on these matters. It shall collect the sums payable by Italy for reparation and shall apply them in accordance with Article 64 of the present treaty. The Commission may delegate to any of its members responsibility for particular dealings or particular classes of dealings;
“The Commission shall, upon the application of the Italian Government, assist in having returned to Italy any identifiable Italian property, being of literary, artistic, historical or religious value, which was removed by force or duress or unlawfully taken from Italy during the war or since the Armistice between Italy and the Allied and Associated Powers;
“The Commission shall undertake such other similar functions as may [be] assigned to it by any other Treaty of Peace made by any of the Allied and Associated Powers with Roumania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Finland, Austria or Germany.
“The Commission shall determine its own procedure.”

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