840.4016/9–1346: Telegram

The Minister in Hungary ( Schoenfeld ) to the Secretary of State, at Paris


402. Special Cabinet Council yesterday discussed and rejected Czechoslovak compromise proposal whereby Hungarians would receive control highway and irrigation system in Bratislava bridgehead plus revision war criminal categories of list proposed deportees from Slovakia (mytel 1633, August 2856) the total 1,000 in return for which Czechoslovakia would receive Bratislava bridgehead plus guarantee by Hungarian Government of release of all persons who have registered for transfer to Slovakia under terms population exchange agreement including estimated one-third who have withdrawn their [Page 860] applications in recent weeks. Communists reportedly spearheaded opposition proposal principally because large number Communist votes figure in group who have withdrawn applications.

Meeting Foreign Relations Committee National Assembly yesterday in addition to rejecting Czechoslovak proposal also rejected proposal for withdrawal Hungarian Delegation from Paris which is reportedly strongly favored by Communists. In discussing Czechoslovak proposal Parragi speaking for Smallholders, favored renewed approach to western powers on subject Bratislava bridgehead stating his view that western powers insufficiently aware gravity this demand which he feels would create “European Gibraltar” for Soviets.

Sent Paris for Secdel 402. [Repeated Department as 1729.]

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