740.00119 Council/8–246: Telegram

The Assistant Secretary of State for American Republic Affairs (Braden) to the Secretary of State, at Paris


3824. Secdel 585. For the Secretary from Braden. Embassy, Mexico City, reports President Avila Camacho indicated in public address concern over growing influence great nations and small role assigned little states. Ambassador Thurston comments:

“Although I take it for granted, of course, that full consideration has been given, in connection with preparations for the current Paris Peace Conference, to the place to be assigned to Latin American [countries] therein, I venture to recommend that unless there are reasons of major policy which would indicate the necessity of a contrary course, careful and immediate thought be given to the opportunity [Page 816] that exists for the US to seize leadership by sponsoring cause of small nations through support of proposal for admission of Mexico to Conference.

“I believe that by this action we could emerge as the champion of small states, regardless of outcome of voting, greatly enhance our prestige in Latin America, and consolidate our position among American Spanish-speaking states.”

I realize difficulties involved and know you have subject in mind, but think you will be interested in above comment and believe any action which we can take to champion rights of small states will help our situation in Latin America.