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Rules of Procedure for the Closing Meetings of the Plenary Conference

C.P.(Plen) Doc. 25
The Plenary Conference will consider the drafts of the Peace Treaties in the order decided by the Berlin Conference: Italy, Roumania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Finland.
The reports of the Commissions on each draft Treaty will be distributed in the three languages, in principle at least 24 hours before the meeting at which they will be discussed.
Consideration of each of the draft Peace Treaties will commence with a general discussion. Delegations wishing to speak will inform the Secretary General before the opening of the discussion.
No Delegation may be allowed more than 30 minutes on the same draft Peace Treaty.
Delegations are earnestly requested to supply an advance copy of their statement to the Secretariat, whenever this can be done, in order to ensure translation in the speediest and best conditions.
After the closure of the general discussion, the Conference will proceed to vote on the Articles of the draft Treaties and on the amendments and proposals submitted by the Commissions for consideration by the Plenary Conference as presented in the Commissions’ Reports, in accordance with paragraph VI of Rules on Organization and Procedure of the Conference.
In cases where unanimity is not secured voting shall be by roll call.
The reports of Commissions in respect of each Treaty shall be submitted in the following order: Political and Territorial Commission, Military Commission, Economic Commission.
Presidents and Rapporteurs of the Commissions concerned will be available to assist the President of the Conference.
No explanation of the reasons for casting a vote will be permitted and no new amendment may be proposed. Delegations however will be free to ask for the insertion in the minutes of the meeting, of the observations explaining their attitude or the reasons of their vote concerning any matter examined by the Conference.
The time allotted to the consideration of each draft Treaty shall be:
  • —three days for the draft Peace Treaty with Italy;
  • —one day for each of the drafts of the Treaties with the Balkan States and Finland.
In the light of this timetable the Conference will decide how many sessions it need hold in the course of each day.
In respect of any questions which have not been dealt with in present Rules of Procedure, the President shall apply the Rules of Procedure of the Conference and those of the General Assembly of the United Nations.
A record of the recommendations adopted by the Plenary Conference will be drawn up, in accordance with the provisions of Article VI (a) of the Rules of Procedure of the Conference.
The record of recommendations and the minutes of the plenary sessions will be presented to the Council of Foreign Ministers.