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Proposal by the French Delegation to the Economic Commission for Italy on Article 68


Property of United Nations

Nationals of the United Nations including juridical persons considered as such by the Italian Government, shall from the point of view of the reparation of war damage sustained in Italian territory, benefit by a regime and facilities which shall in no case be inferior to the treatment enjoyed by Italian nationals or juridical persons considered as Italians having sustained war damage of the same nature.
In no case shall the compensation granted to nationals of the United Nations be less than a certain % of the damage suffered.
Nationals of the United Nations having direct or indirect interests in corporations or associations not covered by the definition of “United Nations Nationals” given in par. 8a of this Article and having sustained war damage in Italian territory, shall be entitled to compensation [Page 785]corresponding to their interests in the said corporation, according to the provisions of the following paragraph.
Compensation shall be paid in lire, and shall be exempt from taxation and other imposts. It shall be possible to utilize the sums in question in Italy, subject to such foreign exchange regulations as may be in force in that country during the period under consideration.
The Italian Government undertakes to grant to nationals of United Nations the same treatment and facilities as are granted to Italian nationals in respect of the allocation of the raw materials necessary for the reconditioning of their property, and to supply under similar conditions, such foreign currency as may be required for importing the said raw materials.
The Italian Government shall grant nationals of the United Nations an idemnity in lire sufficient to compensate, at the date of payment, the losses and damage due to the special measures applied to their property during the war, and which were not applicable to Italian property.