Annex 8

A new paragraph under the letter C should be added to Annex 8, worded as follows:

“C. Legal Procedure in Ceded Territory.

  • “1. Any civil or commercial law-suit, brought before the courts in ceded territories in respect of which no enforceable verdict has been pronounced, shall be suspended or annulled as from the entry into force of the present Treaty. Within three months at the most from the lodging of a request to the Italian Government, the documents relating to such cases, which may be in the possession of courts situated within Italian territory, shall be transferred to the Allied or Associated Power to whom the territory has been ceded.
  • “2. In the case of civil and commercial law-suits between the nationals of such territories, or between the nationals of such territories and persons domiciled in Italy, decisions and judgements which have been pronounced by Italian courts after 10 June, 1940, shall not be enforceable until the courts of the Allied or Associated Power concerned issue an exequatur.
  • “3. The provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article will apply mutatis mutandis in the Free City of Trieste.”