Article 68

In paragraph 1, after the words: “June 10, 1940” add:

“Or the date on which the Allied or Associated Power concerned entered into war with Italy …

Paragraph 4 to read as follows:

“Italy recognises that she is bound to pay compensation for the property of United Nations and their nationals in Italy, lost or damaged [Page 748] during the war. In view of the fact, however, that Italy was the first of the Axis Powers to break with Germany and come over to the side of the United Nations and in consideration of the losses sustained by Italy in the course of military operations against Germany on Italian territory, it is agreed that such compensation will be made proportionately, up to the amount of the average reparation quotas accruing under the present treaty to the Allied and Associated Powers in respect of losses sustained through the war.”

Paragraph 6 to be deleted.