Article 66

In paragraph 4 lines 1 and 2, add after the word “Allied” the words “or Associated”.
Paragraph 6 to be replaced by the following text:

“Submarine cables which connect certain places belonging to the Allied or Associated Powers, including territories ceded under the present treaty, will become, without any form of compensation, the exclusive property of the Allied or Associated Power whose territories they connect.

Submarine cables which connect certain places in the territory of any one of the Allied or Associated Powers with certain places in Italian territory will be considered as belonging to the State in which they terminate, as to one-half of their length.

Where such cables or parts thereof, acquired by Allied or Associated Powers in virtue of the present treaty, belong to private persons or if such persons have proprietary rights to such cables, Italy shall be required to pay them equitable compensation.

The Allied or Associated Power is entitled to dispose freely of the cable or part thereof acquired under the present treaty just as it is entitled to remove such cable or part thereof.

Italy shall put at the disposal of the Allied or Associated Power concerned detailed information concerning the quantity, nature, length and characteristic structural features of the submarine cables referred to in the present Article and deliver to such Power all documents and plans relating to such cables.”