Article 3

The frontier between the People’s Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Italy existing on 1st January 1938 shall be modified as follows:

“The line starts at Lepi Vrh (Cima Bella, 1.912 m) on the ridge of the Carnic Alps and runs south along the contours Kolk (Monte [Page 737] Cocco, 1.941 m) and Stabet (1.627 m) as far as the monument on the road; it then passes by way of the col between Gozd (Col de Gosc, 1.020 m) and Podgorski Vrh (Monte Nebria, 1.206 m) through Jesevnik (Capo Erla, 1.306 m) and contour 1.560 m on the Poldnasnia Spica (Jof di Miezignot, 2.089 m) and then along the line Rudni Vrh (1.398 m), contour 1.794 m (Monte Carnizza), Krniska Glava (Cima Somdogna, 1.891 m) Krniska Skrbina (Joran delle Grave, 1.731 m), Plece (contour 2.365 m), Spik Nad Policami (Jof de Montasio, 2.754 m), contour 2.201 m (Forca dei Disteis), Kurtison (Curtissone, 2.240 m) to Pecol (Segle del Pecol, 1.516 m) about 2.6 km. south of the Spik Nad Policami (Jof di Montasio).

From Pecol (Segle del Pecol, 1.516 m) the line continues south-eastwards towards the bridge at Val del Age; within one kilometer north-west of this point it turns towards the south, passing through the Pic Ladris (1.776 m), Monte Spric (1.852 m), Col Delle Erbe (1.989 m) to Visoni Kanin (Monte Canin, 2,585 m). From there it descends in a south-westerly direction to the contour 1.112 m near the stream Ronek (Ronc), cuts the valley of stream Rezija (Resia) where it flows into the Ronek (Ronc) and rises again through the contour 546 m. to Mali Vrh (Colle Piccolo, 1.140 m).

From Mali Vrh (Colle Piccolo, 1.140 m) the line turns south through the Niski Vrh (Monte Nisca, 1.454 m) towards Kozarjuvac (Bocchetta di Zaiaur, 1.657 m), whence it runs westwards towards Zaiavorom (Monte Zaiaur, 1.816 m) and again turns south, crossing the stream Meja (Mea) and ascends the Mali Vrh (Cima Piccola, 1.558 m). From Mali Vrh (Cima Piccola, 1.588 m) the line follows the watershed between Ter (Torre) and Karnahta (Cornappo) as far as Povjak (Monte Poujak, 768 m), Conje (Monte Zougna, 807 m), Kladja (Monte Cladis, 852 m). From here the frontier turns south-eastwards to contour 774 m (Monte Caulun) and to Spik (Monte Spich, 958 m) and turns south towards the contours Na Grad (Monte Nacrad, 984 m), Vrh (Monte Uorch, 792 m). From here it continues eastwards, passing within 0.5 km south of Krnica (Monte Carnizza, 991 m), then south of the village of Canebla (Canebola) and through Kaduernica (Monte Caludrarza, 976 m) to Kraguvenca (Monte Craguenza, 951 m), crosses the river Nadiza (Natisone) and reaches the pass situated 0.5 km to the south of SV. Jurij (Monte San Giorgio, 865 m).

From the pass 0.5 km south of SV. Jurij (Monte San Giorgio, 865 m) the line turns south-eastwards through the junction of the streams Alborne (Amburna) and Reka (Ricca) and passes through SV. Egidij (Monte San Egidio, 634 m) into the valley of the brook Kozica (Cosizza), 0.7 km north-west of the village of Kozica (Cosizza).

From here the line follows the course of the brook Kozica as far as its junction with the brook Rbec (Erbezzo). Thence it passes through [Page 738] Spik (Monte Spic, 661 m) into the valley of the river Idrijca (Iudrio) where it ends immediately west of the village of Msicek (Miscecco).

Following the course of the Idrijca (Iudrio) the frontier descends as far as a point east of the village of Praprotno (Prepotto), whence it runs south-eastwards through Kandija (Candia, 240 m) and along the contour 261 m as far as the stream Kvarmica (Quarnizza) to about 0.4 km west of Komnin (Monte Comugna, 242 m). Following the course of this stream, the frontier extends as far as the point situated north of the contour 128 m at about 1.2 km north-east of the village of Jenkovo (Venco).

From this point the frontier runs southwards along the contour already referred to (128 m) between the villages of Rutarji (Ruttars) and Barbana as far as the road joining the villages of Bracan (Brazzano) and Medana, it then turns eastwards, skirting the brook which runs south of this road, follows the western and southern edges of the drained marshes of Palude (Palot) and Preval (Prevale) through the hamlet of Villa Blanchis (90 m) on contour 121 m and near the cemetery 0.8 km north of the village church of Locnik (Lucinico) and thence to a point situated 1.2 km west of the viaduct by which the railway crosses the Soca (Isonzo).

From here the frontier runs south, reaching the Soca at the 40 m contour and follows respectively the course of the rivers Soca (Isonzo) and the Zdoba as far as their estuary.”