Article 29

A third point is to be inserted at the end of the Article as follows:

“The Hungarian Government binds itself to collaborate loyally and to contribute to the economic restoration and reconstruction of the neighbouring states hit by the war and to conclude to this effect, by request or on its own initiative, conventions aiming at facilitating the mutual exchange of merchandise, rendering transport and transit possible and completing or regulating communications of all kinds.”


From her experience of Hungarian economic policy in the past, Czechoslovakia considers the proposed point to be necessary. It was very difficult to conclude trade agreements with Hungary and always disadvantageous to Czechoslovakia owing to the Hungarian attitude. Czechoslovakia, however, as an inland state, has a special interest in transport routes to the sea; all of these routes running southeast-wards and most of those running southwards cross Hungarian territory. The proposed clause would bind Hungary to refrain from placing deliberate obstructions in the way of the economic development of her neighbours, and from hindering normal economic relations between states.