Article between 14 and 15

The Polish Delegation submits that the following Article be included into the Peace Treaty with Italy and placed between Articles 14 and 15 as they are now. The new article should therefore be numbered 15 and the consecutive Articles altered accordingly.

This Article 15 should read as follows:

Article 15

“Italy, which in accordance with the armistice agreement has taken measures for dissolving all organisations of a Fascist type on Italian territory whether political, military or para military, as well as other organisations conducting propaganda hostile to any of the United Nations, undertakes not to permit in future the existence of activities or organisations of that nature which have as their aim, denial to the people of their democratic rights.”

In submitting the above proposals, the Polish Delegation wishes to state that the draft Peace Treaties with Roumania in art. 5, with Hungary in art. 4, with Bulgaria in art. 4, and with Finland in art. 8, contain identical provisions which are now [not] found in the draft Peace Treaty with Italy as presented to this Conference.

In view of the above, it is the considered view of the Polish Delegation that these provisions should be included into the draft Treaty with Italy.