Part IV

In view of the vast number of minefields laid on Greek territory and in Greek waters, the cost of removal and sweeping, and the lack of suitable equipment for this work, the Greek Delegation considers it only fair that Italy should clear the sea and land minefields in the areas occupied by her during the war.

The Greek Delegation therefore proposes to add a new section to the Treaty after Article 62, reading as follows:

Section IX.—Mine Clearance

“Italy agrees at her own expense, with her own resources and her own personnel to undertake, under the supervision of the International Commission for Control of mine-sweeping in European waters, the complete clearance of the minefields laid in Greek waters.
“Italy also undertakes, at her own expense, with her own resources and her personnel, to clear any minefields in the areas occupied by Italy herself or by Italy and Germany jointly.”

Mine-clearing operations shall be concluded within twelve months of the coming into force of the present Treaty.

The means to be employed, the personnel required, and all details concerning the work of mine-clearance, shall be determined by the Greek Government and shall be subject to direct supervision by the said Government.