Article 13

Add a new paragraph (4) to Article 13 reading as follows:

As an exception to the preceding paragraphs Italian nationals who settled on the territory of the Dodecanese after May 5th, 1912, or people who would have acquired the ‘great Italian’ citizenship after this date do not acquire Greek nationality.”

As far as nationality is concerned, the inhabitants of the Dodecanese can be divided into two categories; on the one side, the natives of the Dodecanese (Greek-orthodox representing 93 per cent of the population, Mussulmans and Jews 5 per cent of the population) who have acquired Italian nationality through the annexation of the Dodecanese in 1924, and, on the other side, Italian nationals who [Page 695] came in great numbers after the occupation of the isles in 1912 or who acquired after 1924 “great Italian” citizenship (grande cittadinánza). As the persons of the second category are in fact foreign to the population of the Dodecanese and because the activity of several of these, since they settled in this country, was often inspired by a policy of persecution of the Greek element, followed in these islands, especially by the Fascist regime, thus making a continuance of their sojourn there inacceptable to the native population, it would be inadvisable to sanction the automatic acquisition of Greek nationality.