Articles 18, 19 and 20

These three Articles, with proposed changes incorporated, should read as follows:

Article 18

Italy renounces in favour of China all benefits and privileges resulting from the provisions of the final Protocol signed at Peking on September 7, 1901, and all annexes, notes and documents supplementary thereto, and agrees to the abrogation of the said protocol, annexes, notes and documents in respect of Italy. Italy likewise renounces any claim thereunder to an indemnity.

Article 19

Italy agrees to the cancellation of the lease from the Chinese Government under which the Italian Concession at Tientsin was [Page 692] granted, and to the transfer to the Chinese Government of any property and archives belonging to the municipality of the said Concession.

Article 20

Italy renounces in favour of China the rights accorded to Italy in relation to International Settlements at Shanghai and Amoy, and agrees to the reversion of the said Settlements to the administration and control of the Chinese Government.

These alterations are proposed to bring the matters dealt with in stricter conformity with the existing situation. The proposed mention of the property belonging to the municipality of the Italian Concession in Tientsin is specified for the reason that the property of this character formerly pertaining to Concessions of other Powers was handed back to the Chinese Government when these Concessions were abolished. Alterations are proposed in the wording of the said three Articles because the matters concerned relate to the special interests of China not covered by other general clauses of the draft Treaty.